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Popular Braids Styles


Senegalese Twists

Micro Braids

Corn Rows

Feeding /No Knot Cornrows

Brazilian Extensions

Invisible Braids

Kinky Twists

Weaves (Sew-in & Full)

Invisible Braids

Tree Braids

Goddess Braids

Individuals/Single Braids

Havana/Marley Twists

Box Braids


Other Braids Styles


Crochet Braids

Individual Tree Braids

Flat Twists

Soft Twists

Pixie Braids

Micro Twists

Nubian Twists

Spring Twists

Net Weave

Half Sew In

Fluffy Twists

Starter/Dread Locks

Goddess Braids

Lock Extensions





Pin ups

Braids Touch Ups

Braids Removal

Braided Pony Tail

Shampoo & Conditioner

Yarn Twist Removal

Lock Maintenance






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