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Popular Braids Styles


Senegalese Twists

Micro Braids

Corn Rows

Feeding /No Knot Cornrows

Brazilian Extensions

Invisible Braids

Kinky Twists

Weaves (Sew-in & Full)

Invisible Braids

Tree Braids

Goddess Braids

Individuals/Single Braids

Havana/Marley Twists

Box Braids


Other Braids Styles


Crochet Braids

Individual Tree Braids

Flat Twists

Soft Twists

Pixie Braids

Micro Twists

Nubian Twists

Spring Twists

Net Weave

Half Sew In

Fluffy Twists

Starter/Dread Locks

Goddess Braids

Lock Extensions





Pin ups

Braids Touch Ups

Braids Removal

Braided Pony Tail

Shampoo & Conditioner

Yarn Twist Removal

Lock Maintenance








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Braids of Beauty is your source for the hottest hair braiding styles at the best prices.

Our expert stylists work hard to ensure that you get the glamorous looks you deserve, whether you’re getting ready for a major event or just want to look your best for a night out. Because each of these styles takes a different amount of time, please call ahead to schedule an appointment today!

 Welcome to Gorgeous Land


Corn Rows Tee -Braids (1)


Senegalese Twists (1)

Corn & Tree-Braids (2)

Kids Corn Rows Front (3)

Kids Corn Rows Side (4)

Long Senegalese Twists ()

No Knot Corn Rows (6)

Cornrows (7)

Senegalese Twists (8)

Senegalese Twists (9)

Wet & Wavy Micro (10)


Wet & Wavy Micro (11)

Senegalese Twists (12)

Senegalese Twists (12)

Senegalese Twists (13)

Senegalese Twists (14)

Tree- Braids (15)

Corn Rows with Design (16)

Kids Micro Braids (17)

Single Braids (18)



Micro w/African Pony (19)



Senegalese Twists (20)



Single Braids (21)

Micro Twists (22)

Corm Rows (23)








 Corn Rows & Weaves (24)




Micro w/ African Pony (25)





Fish Tails (26)



Weaves (27)



Corn Rows in a Bun (28)



Corn Twists (29)



Partial Weaves (30)



Micro Twists (31)



Marley Twists (32)



Single Braids (33)



Marley Twists Updo (34)



Senegalese Twists (35)



Four Layer Corn Rows (36)



Invisible Braids (37)



Kinky Twists (38)



Micro Braids (39)



Micro (40)



Weaves (41)



Weaves (42)




Crochets (43)



           Goddess (44)




Brazilian Extension (45)



Box Braids (46)



Customer Testimonials      

    Agnes and her team will wow you. I was referred to  Braids of Beauty back in 2005. and ever since, I have not looked back. Every time They pamper me and make me look gorgeous. What  I like about BoB is that there are very professional, courteous and fast and affordable; the prices are very competitive for the quality of work they do.     I have referred many  of my colleagues,  friends and family. .





Joyette in Norcross, GA, Customer since 2005





  • Lawrenceville

    4850 Sugarloaf Parkway

    Suite 609

    Lawrenceville, GA 30044
    Shop: (678) 400- 7054




    5344 Jimmy Carter Blvd

    Suite 1D

    Norcross, GA30093
    Shop: (770) 702- 0676


      Our Norcross  & Lawrenceville Locations are only 10 minutes apart.

    We encourage customers to visit our new upscale location in Lawrenceville.

    More salons are expected to open soon to serve South Atlanta.



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